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Conventional Coil Feeding Lines

Standardised and individualised Coil Feeding Lines

The conventional Coil Feeding Line is the classical way of configuration for Coil Feeding Lines.

Usually it consists of non-driven decoiler, straightener, material loop (including loop bridge) and a roll feed. The straightener is equipped with variable speed drive and loop control and is pulling the coil material against a braked pull-off decoiler.
The very sensitive braking of the decoiler usually is done by an (in most cases pneumatically) adjustable disk brake. After straightening the straightener pushes the coil material into a material loop, out of which the roll feed takes the material for feeding it into the press.
In case of a high rate of feeds per minute with long feeding lengths the Coil Feeding Line will be completed with a loop pit, to assure enough material stock within the loop.  

In order to assure that even in case of big coil weights the straightener can pull the material from the decoiler dynamically, it is recommended to drive this line within a "closed loop" mode. In this case the decoiler is equipped with a variable speed drive and the drive of the decoiler is coupled to the drive of the straightener by means of balancing of the encoders of both drives. The unit, built in this way, can accelerate very dynamically and is able to assure the necessary stock of material within the loop even in case of a high number of feeds per minute with big feeding lenghs. 

Therefore the Coil Feeding Line as a conventional version specially qualifies for processing of surface-delicate, scratch-free or coated materials as well as for high line speed and for fast acceleration during feeding into the press.

In case of extremely delicate material such a conventional Coil Feeding Line can be completed with a loop between decoiler and straightener. In this case the decoiler also will be equipped with a variable speed drive and feeds the material into a loop, out of which the straightener will take the material. By this procedure it will be possible to prevent the material from any kind of damage which can arise due to the pulling forces which can arise during pulling the material from the decoiler. 

Please let us have information regarding the desired capability of such a conventional Coil Feeding Line and regarding the available space. We will offer to you a tailor-made solution.

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